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Commercial Flooring Report: Vol. 40, № 1 (Flammability and Floor Covering)

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In light of past fire related tragedies nationwide, we believe flammability characteristics are extremely important and pertinent issues of discussion for floor covering materials. The lab we work with has seen or overseen about 100,000 flammability tests conducted over the last 22 years and makes us recognize and realize more every day, the importance of burn rates, smoke generation, and flame propagation of floor covering products. Flammability research identified two possible ways in which carpet might become involved in a fire situation.

Floor Trends Magazine: Vol. 13, № 8 (August 2011)

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On The Cover:
Pictured is Time Crafted Walnut, part of Mannington's Revolutions Plank collection of laminate flooring. The product features a hand-scraped texture and irregular bevel on all four sides. To see how laminate flooring is performing in the market, visit our 2011 Laminate Flooring Market Study on page 10.

PROBuilder: Vol. 76, № 8 (August 2011)

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Designed by Bassenian Lagoni Architects for Irvine Co., the Los Altos at Stonegate East townhomes sold out in just five months. The units have the feel of single-family homes, with private yards and expansive great rooms.

Building Design+Construction: Vol. 52, № 8 (August 2011)

 Volume: 52 |  Issue: 8 |  Download

The John E. Jaqua Academic Center for Stu- dent Athletes at the University of Oregon, in Eugene, a Special Citation winner in the International Association of Lighting Designers awards. Lighting design by Mark Godfrey, Interface Engineering; architecture by Randy Stegmeier, Eugene Sandoval, and Bob Snyder, of ZGF.

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