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Commercial Flooring Report: Vol. 51, № 1 (Vinyl Flooring Problems)

 Volume: 51 |  Issue: 1 |  Download

Vinyl flooring is being used and specified more and more. Schools, Hospitals and Health Care facilities are the biggest users of vinyl flooring products but it is also being used extensively in businesses, restaurants, and increasingly in mid-tier hotels and even multi-family housing. Vinyl flooring products have become more beautiful, lend themselves to elaborate design elements and, when properly specified, can perform like a Mack truck. Luxury vinyl tile is likely the hottest flooring material on the market right now. Some of the reasons for vinyl's increasing popularity should be obvious. It is extremely durable, when properly specified and cared for. It won't ugly out like carpet due to matting, crushing, soiling, or any of the other inherent performance factors carpet often experiences.

PROBuilder: Vol. 77, № 8 (August 2012)

 Volume: 77 |  Issue: 8 |  Download

Located in the West Los Angeles neighborhood of Mar Vista, Four was designed for young working couples, with features like ground-floor flex space and large second-floor decks.

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