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Commercial Flooring Report: Vol. 62, № 1 (Installation Warranties)

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Flooring installation failures are one of the biggest and most costly problems in the industry, regardless of the cause or who may be at fault. It's not uncommon for a commercial flooring failure to cost 10 times what the original installation did. A flooring installation failure always falls on the shoulders of the installer. This is a case of guilty until proven innocent and even if proven innocent the installers remain the guilty parties branded with a mark of mistrust. Most often an installation failure is based on a lack of understanding of the installation environment, product knowledge or lack of time to get the job done properly. And very often, by the time the flooring is installed, the project is behind schedule, the end user, architect and GC are pushing the flooring contractors and any compliance with industry standards for installing, whatever the flooring material is, may be totally ignored.

PROBuilder: Vol. 78, № 8 (August 2013)

 Volume: 78 |  Issue: 8 |  Download

A montage representing some of the top new products featured in our annual review of materials, tools, and other residential construction categories as selected by Professional Builder readers.

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