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Commercial Flooring Report: Vol. 69, № 1 (What Are We Lacking In The Flooring Industry?)

 Volume: 69 |  Issue: 1 |  Download

For all of the wonderful products and technologies the flooring industry has developed over the last several years and for all the new technology coming down the pike, how can one ask what the industry is lacking? Don't we have beautiful products in both hard and soft surfaces and don't we continue to introduce even more wonderful materials and designs? How can anything be lacking?

PROBuilder: Vol. 79, № 5 (May 2014)

 Volume: 79 |  Issue: 5 |  Download

Chairman and CEO Eric Lipar oversaw the successful $90-million public stock offering of LGI Homes — ranked No. 49 on our list of 2014 Housing Giants — in November 2013.

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