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Contemporary Stone & Tile Design: Vol. 24, № 4 (Fall 2017)

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Case Study House #26 in San Rafael, CA, is a one-of-a-kind home built in 1963 in the San Francisco Bay area. Designed by architect Beverley David Thorne, it was an experimental project to build a steel-framed house on a steeply sloping site. The current owner and architect, Cord Struckmann, recently remodeled the interior of the residence, selecting 24- x 48-inch porcelain tile from the Concrete line by Gigacer for the floor- ing throughout the living space. The tile provided durability, while also a contemporary aesthetic. Read more about Case Study House #26's interior renovation, beginning on page 26. Photo by Rob Jordan.

PROBuilder: Vol. 82, № 10 (October 2017)

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Tim O'Brien Homes nabbed Gold in this year's National Housing Quality Awards. Left to right: Matt Neumann (partner); Tim O’Brien (president); Craig North (VP construction); Dan Gorski (VP purchasing and design); Daniel Lowery (Madison division president); Angela Cooper (Milwaukee division president).

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