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TILE Magazine: Vol. 15, № 8 (November / December 2018)

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On the cover:

A natural evolution from mosaics to large surface coverings, Sicis’ in-house R&D and creative teams, through intensive research, have developed the large-format collection, Vetrite. Sicis Art Factory meticulously mixes technology and alchemy with artisanship in this collection, which finds a precise intuition, creating a truly avant-garde aesthetic. Glass, an intrinsic material in the DNA of Sicis, is revolutionized, whereby Sicis iconic fabrics are sandwiched with polymer film between large-format glass slabs. These unprecedented thin glass slabs are available up to 120 x 280 cm (47 x 71 inches), in either 6 or 12 mm thicknesses. Vetrite provides the freedom to think about cladding without any kind of constraints in style, and is suitable for an infinite range of applications, including furniture, countertops, doors and lighting.

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