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TILE Magazine: Vol. 17, № 3 (April / May 2020)

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On the cover:
The South Atlantic coast of Africa is considered some of the most stunning desert terrain in the world. A trip to this surreal destination offers vistas of rippling dunes, flat clay pans and rocky outcrops, not to mention, endless
sky. This incredible landscape brings inspiration for the Namibia series by Lunada Bay Tile, a three-dimensional ceramic tile collection, which incorporates a special hand-sculpting technique to create tiles that are truly one-of-a-kind. Every tile is created by hand and no two tiles are the same. The undulating patterns come in four formats that engage a sense of adventure and rejuvenation — like the discovery of a hidden oasis.

PROBuilder: Vol. 85, № 4 (April 2020)

 Volume: 85 |  Issue: 4 |  Download

The Delhi, a plan by Dahlin Group Architecture | Planning for JayMarc Homes in Seattle, makes comfort and convenience a priority page 44

Stone World Magazine: Vol. 37, № 4 (April 2020)

 Volume: 37 |  Issue: 4 |  Download

ON THE COVER: The historic Newberry Library in Chicago, IL, recently underwent a renovation and restoration of its stonework under the direction of a design team from Ann Beha Architects (ABA) of Boston, MA. It was determined that the exterior Stony Creek granite, which was used for original pavers at the entry and an existing stone bench, needed to be cleaned to remove metallic stains. The exterior work included the removal of a fence and the addition of two new Stony Creek granite benches. A new walkway, also built of Stony Creek granite from the original quarry, now provides visitor access to an ADA lift. Photo by Tom Rossiter/ To read the full story, turn to page 74.

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