Month: June 2020

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Floor Trends Magazine: Vol. 22, № 6 (June 2020)

 Volume: 22 |  Issue: 6 |  Download

On the Cover: Automata is the newest modular carpet collection in Mannington Commercial's Xpress Program, which can be shipped in five days or less. Inspired by Cellular Automata, the collection captures patterns that are suited for office, education and commercial spaces. See more commercial solutions on page 28.

Remodeling: Vol. 36, № 3 (May / June 2020)

 Volume: 36 |  Issue: 3 |  Download

This year's list of top remodeling firms comes at a time of profound transition, as U.S. businesses emerge from a period of extraordinary economic contraction caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Business will likely return in fits and starts. But once the country is again running full bore, these top firms will undoubtedly rise above the rest.

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