TILE Magazine: Vol. 17, № 1 (January / February 2020)

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On the cover:
Emilceramica extends the scope of Tele di Marmo with the addition of four variants inspired by four fresh looks of the material that is the icon of classical style, steeped in natural elegance and innate charisma. Tele di Marmo Revolution is the contemporary interpretation of marble now included in the Reloaded project, the aesthetic crucible of ideas linked to the work of great artists of all ages and geographical origins. In Revolution, an innovative approach to art is achieved through studying colour and design starting from the symbiosis of natural elements, with inspiration from the world's most amazing landscapes. Blue in all its thousand shades from azure to cobalt is the central theme of the Patagonia variant, referencing the beauty of the "marble cathedrals" on Lake Carrera between Argentina and Chile — great caves carved by the water, with colors and reflected tints that change with the passing days and seasons.

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