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Pennington Commercial is a leading provider of commercial building services for architects, designers, general contractors, building owners and building managers. We assist clients in determining the right type of floor covering for their applications with regard to budget, performance and aesthetic issues.

Pennington Commercial is not owned by or aligned with a flooring manufacturer. We believe this can restrict the variety of goods and services we have to offer. Because designers thrive on providing unique looks for their clients, it is also a real bonus to be able to work freely with a wider range of flooring products. We offer thousands of products and can provide you with the tools you need.

Pennington Commercial is a full-service member of the Fuse Alliance, a member-owned organization of professional, commercial flooring contractors. With 171 companies in 250+ locations across the United States and Canada, the organization’s member businesses represent approximately $2.3 billion in sales and services. Fuse Alliance is made up of a unique network of flooring experts with a combined experience that spans flooring product knowledge, installation expertise, and a keen understanding of meeting the environmental requirements of today’s market. Fuse Alliance’s governing body is an executive Board of Directors made up of 12 member business owners. Through its member network, Fuse Alliance is dedicated to serving the North American market, and member businesses can be found throughout the United States and Canada.

When you do business with Pennington Commercial know that we will do whatever it takes to satisfy you now and in the future.

President Jackie Pennington has 30 years experience in the commercial flooring industry. She has worked for commercial flooring dealers as a sales partner and as owner.   Her integrity, servant heart and positive attitude have always been her strengths.  As owner of Pennington Commercial, Jackie’s mission is to provide the very best product, service and installation in the DFW area. Her dedication to customer satisfaction is the driving force behind Pennington Commercial

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